5 Yoga Myths Busted

5 Yoga Myths Busted

Have you ever been invited to a yoga class with a friend, and almost immediately turned down the offer because yoga isn’t your “thing?”

Then realized that you, in fact, have never even tried yoga before…but it just doesn’t seem like your thing.

Because obviously you have to be super flexible, super mindful, either a hippie or an upper-class trophy wife, and/or really coordinated in the balance department…right?


So it really is true that people can want to do #yogaeverydamnday? Here are five yoga myths BUSTED…that will make you wonder why you haven’t hopped on the yoga train:

  1. You have to be flexible

    To this I say…PSHH! I used to be a pretty flexible person – I was a cheerleader and competitive dancer and very active in my younger years. But after I finished chemotherapy, my muscles were atrophied and I had to start from scratch. There are variations of every stinking pose you can possibly do in yoga that compliment your flexibility level. Need to bend your knees in down dog? NO PROBLEM! Check out the title photo of this post – I may be doing yoga on a really cool van in front of the ocean at sunset…but my knees are totally bent under those pants.

  2. You have to have great balance

    You will not be any less of a yogi if you wobble around a little during tree pose. This pose pushes you to find the strength in your core, focus on a central point and trust your legs to hold you. Can’t do crescent pose without falling over? Put your feet closer together and bend both knees. This isn’t a competition – it’s a practice.

  3. You have to be in shape

    I started doing yoga at the very beginning of my health and fitness journey. That means, I wasn’t in shape. Yoga is meant to challenge you; your mind and your body. If you didn’t want to be challenged, you could just stay home and do Shavasana (aka “corpse pose,” aka taking a nap). Yoga gets you in shape if you allow it to by connecting your mind and breath with your body’s ability to sustain you. You don’t have to be Arnold Schwarzenegger going into your first class (is this visual funny to anyone else?).

  4. You have to be a calm, cool and collected person

    Again, yoga is meant to help you get over your racing thoughts! If you were cool as a cucumber before going to yoga, then – well – what would you even be going for? Classes are designed to rid your crazy monkey brain of its racing thoughts, get to a calm state and be able to relaxxxxx. That doesn’t sound so bad, does it?

  5. You have to fit “the mold”

    The fifth, final and most important myth that I want to bust is that you have to fit a certain “mold” to practice yoga; or that there even is a mold! Sure, on Instagram we see ungodly strong, beautiful people in matching white yoga pants and sports bras, pulling themselves out of a swimming pool into a handstand by their fingertips. Seriously – does anyone really think that’s the norm?! I’d have my green smoothie spilled on that white spandex faster than you could say Warrior One. And if I’m in a swimming pool, you better believe I’m going to be floating on a raft in it and not trying to get out by way of my fingertips.

Yoga is a deeply personal practice. It improves your balance, strength and flexibility – but most importantly, it clears and refocuses your mind. There are multiple different types, levels and lengths of classes and so many different kinds of instructors. You are free to choose what works for you, when it works for you.

I have challenged myself to 30 days of yoga, and as I right this I’m on day four. I am very interested to see where my yoga journey takes me, and even what changes it makes in me subconsciously in my day-to-day. After these 30 days, my hope is to continue the practice and find comfort in it.

If you’ve never done yoga before and still think it’s not “your thing,” I encourage you to try it – even once. If nothing else, you’ll feel super stretched when you’re done!

Color me a yoga fan – and dare I say – maybe even a yogi in my own way.

Namaste, legends –


My name is Chelsea Fredrickson – I am in love with seeing different parts of the world and finding new parts of myself along the way. I am the creator of and author for Freddy Finds Herself; a lifestyle blog dedicated to documenting my adventures, my successes and failures, and showing others that our process of evolving is never complete and meant to be celebrated.

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