About Me

About Me

Welcome to Freddy Finds Herself

My name is Chelsea Fredrickson. I am in love with seeing different parts of the world, experimenting with delicious vegan and plant-based food, and finding new parts of myself along my journey. This is a lifestyle blog dedicated to documenting my adventures, my successes and failures, and showing others that our process of evolving is never complete and is meant to be celebrated.

The Past

I was born in Pennsylvania and grew up in a small town in Ohio (Hey, Youngstown!). I was a competitive dancer and cheerleader, and had more friends and acquaintances than I could count on my fingers and toes. I went to a commuter college where I studied Broadcasting and Journalism, received my degree and went on to be a television news producer at two different stations in Ohio.

After my first year of college, I was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia and went through chemotherapy for almost three years. I managed to only take one full semester off, and graduate only about a half of a year later than I would have if everything had gone as planned.

I moved to Cleveland, Ohio for my second producer position – which is where I met my incredible husband, Mackinley. We had a whirlwind romance; after knowing each other for only about 3 months, we moved in together. Two and a half years after that, we were engaged. Seven months after that, we were married. We are best friends and we love to spend time with each other (seriously, almost all of our time), which is what we think makes our relationship so special.

Ultimately, I left the news industry to break into the Non Profit world because I’ve always had a passion for helping others; but something still felt like it was missing. I knew there was so much world to be explored around me, but I was at a desk every day just thinking about it.

In August of 2015, Mac and I made the decision to sell and donate most of our belongings, pack up two hiking backpacks and a suitcase, and move from Cleveland, Ohio…to Wellington, New Zealand. We celebrated our wedding with family and friends on July 30, 2016, and were on a one-way plane to Wellington by January 2017.

The Present

As I write this, Mac and I are just past our four month mark as Wellington residents. We found a beautiful house to rent in Lyall Bay (a small suburb of Wellington) that has a great view of the water, and have both settled into great, full-time jobs. We have made an incredible and supportive group of friends, and have even found some new hobbies we love already. We have BIG plans to explore all of New Zealand and its surrounding countries, and I can’t wait for you to go on our adventures with us!

Moving to a new country wasn’t all sunshine and happiness, though; a move like this is tough at times. Mac and I had moments when we didn’t see eye to eye. It was an adjustment being a world away from our family and friends (literally). We were trying to find a place to settle in a brand new environment. We put in loads of work to even be allowed in to this country.

Being thrown so far out of my comfort zone really made me reevaluate some things in my life: What made me happiest? What did I want to distance myself from? When did I feel most accomplished? What made me feel my most confident? What were Mac and I doing as a couple that would make us thrive, and on the other hand, be at odds? It made me answer the tough questions, really dig deep, and go on a lifelong mission to find myself.

The Future

I started Freddy Finds Herself as a way to document my own journey toward mindfulness and self-love, while hopefully helping other people along their journey as well.

I’ll share my travel experiences, the adventures I have along the way, the struggles I face, plant-based and vegan recipes that nourish me every day, budgeting…and spending, and stories about simply living life to the fullest.

New Zealand is just the start of a grand adventure for Mac and me, and I can’t wait to find out what else I learn about myself along the way.

It’s time to think a little less…and live a little more.

Light and Love,