Why I Believe in Beachbody

Why I Believe in Beachbody

I’m sure you have seen countless people on your social media feeds promoting a product they believe in and want you to try. Beauty, skin, nails, yoga pants, drinks, shakes, workout programs, weight loss supplements, body wraps, teeth whiteners – you name it, we’ve seen it.

“Another pyramid scheme,” you may have thought.

I’ve personally seen some people posting statuses saying things like, “whatever you’re selling, I don’t want any,” or “I’m perfectly happy with my _______, I don’t need your _______.”

While I completely respect everyone’s opinions and choices, I can confidently say the Beachbody is one program I do believe in – 100%.

It wasn’t always that way, though.

My very best friend, Lindsay Maloney, had been a Beachbody coach for awhile, and I knew how much she swore by the company and their programs, but never really gave it a second thought as a personal choice.

I always had an excuse – whether it was not wanting to spend the money, thinking I was in “fine” shape or, on the contrary, thinking I could never achieve the kind of results I was seeing, or believing I could never motivate myself to do an at-home workout program.

All I knew was that I saw a bunch of people transforming their bodies and minds and they wanted me to try it, too.

If I’m going to be honest, at the time I was not very happy with myself. I was overweight, seriously lacking confidence, very indecisive, apologizing all the time about things that didn’t deserve an apology. I was eating cheese pizza and mozzarella sticks from a local pizza place WAY more than I wanted to admit, drinking a lot of alcohol and not being physically active at all.

But I didn’t really know how unhappy I was with my choices, and how much they were affecting my day-to-day – I was just living my life, I thought.

Then, on December 4th, 2016, my husband (then boyfriend) asked me to marry him.

I wasted no time starting wedding planning, and by that New Years Eve, I had found and purchased my wedding dress.

After I bought my wedding dress, I regularly looked back at the pictures my entourage took of me in it, thinking to myself, “maybe I made a mistake. I look huge.” That was when I realized:

On the happiest day of my life, I want to look and feel my very best…and I’m not there.

So, I reached out to Lindsay and told her I was ready to commit to Beachbody. I started my first challenge group in January 2016, with my first round of 21 Day Fix.

After 4 rounds of 21 Day Fix, one round of Cize and one round of Hammer and Chisel, it was time for my wedding – and I can confidently say I felt my very best in my beautiful dress, walking down the aisle to marry the man of my dreams.

Beachbody transformation – 4 rounds of 21 Day Fix

Only one month after I started my challenge group as a participant, I loved Beachbody so much that I decided to give coaching a shot. I coached for about four months until I decided to put coaching on hold and focus on wedding planning and our move to New Zealand.

Even though I wasn’t coaching, I continued to do Beachbody workouts like Core de Force, PiYo, 3 Week Yoga Retreat and more. In all honesty, though, I wasn’t as motivated to post in the groups and I wasn’t pushing myself to be the best version of me anymore.

When we moved to New Zealand, I did what many people would do in a new place – ate all of the food, drank all of the drinks, and really slacked on my physical activity yet again. It wasn’t until about five months into my move that a light bulb went off for me:

I wanted to feel my best again.

I joined in a challenge group (one of the beauties of Beachbody – once you’re part of a group, you always have access to them) and got to work.

It reignited my spark and reminded me why it’s so important to take care of yourself. It’s not just another “scheme;” it’s real and it works. So why is this program any different than any other fitness program out there?

  1. It works on your body and mind equally

    This is a BIG one, and why it’s number one on my list. I know, you’ve seen lots of side-by-side “before and after” photos in your day, and so have I. But it wasn’t until I was those before and after photos that I realized why people were so proud of their transformations. You will never physically push your limits until your mind allows you to do so. Before Beachbody, I never read or listened to personal development. But when I started to want more for myself, I allowed my mind to open and take advice from some of the strongest and most incredibly motivating people out there. Once my mind was open, I felt like I could physically achieve whatever I tried. That is when I saw the results. So now when I see those side-by-side transformation photos, instead of rolling my eyes, I think (for the most part) of how much mental strength and willpower those people must have to allow their bodies to reach such great heights. And the Beachbody programs, no matter which one you choose, allow those doors to open for you.

  2. You find lifelong friends

    Being in a challenge group is unlike anything I could ever describe. A challenge group is essentially a Facebook group led by a group of coaches, full of women going through a 30-day program at the same time. You check in daily with the group, share “sweaty selfies,” recipes, and trials and successes from your day. My first challenge group was full of women from all over America, and as I continue with Beachbody, almost two years later, I see the same familiar faces continuing to push their own limits. Jack Canfield, entrepreneur and author of the “Chicken Soup for the Soul” series, said: “Make a conscious effort to surround yourself with positive, nourishing, and uplifting people — people who believe in you, encourage you to go after your dreams, and applaud your victories.” When I started being a part of challenge groups, and even more so when I started coaching, I found my tribe of women. These were people who, no matter what stage of their fitness and mindfulness journey they were on, came together to uplift, motivate and support one another. I had made friends from all over the country who were along for the same ride as me – and that’s pretty damn special. 

  3. It gives you a sense of purpose

    Recognizing these women for all of their hard work!

    I have always been drawn to jobs and pastimes that allow me to help people; I left my job in television news to start working for a non-profit organization, and continue to work for a non-profit to this day (even across the world). But Beachbody coaching was a special kind of helping – I was actually able to see, firsthand, the physical and mental transformation that these women were making. Being a part of a group, we are able to use our knowledge and experience to help other people at different points of their journey. The happiness that is created because of simply pushing someone to realize their worth is indescribable. It’s not about the money, it’s not about the product – it’s about people helping people.

  4. It’s a lifestyle change, not just a crash diet

    Chickpea salad sandwich on broccoli flatbread

    I don’t know about you, but every time I go out to eat I don’t want to have to do math to make sure something fits in my points tracker, or enter a meal into MyFitnessPal to see if the calories will fit in my day. Beachbody programs use the “container system” instead of counting calories. This means that you learn about the appropriate portion sizes for the foods you already love, not how to cut them out of your diet. When we restrict our bodies of certain food, like carbs and fats, our bodies retaliate and make us SMASH (hardcore) on those things when we are craving them. Beachbody’s system not only “allows” you, but encourages you to incorporate carbs, fats, and even treats and snacks into your day-to-day. It sets you up for a LIFESTYLE of success – not just three weeks of hard work, stellar results and then back to your old ways. I eat five to six times every day, and my meals aren’t skimpy! I load them up with the good stuff, and still enjoy some ice cream, pasta and loaded tacos every now and then.

  5. Your successes are celebrated

    As I’m writing this, I just watched some of the girls I know best in the Beachbody world on Facebook Live (including my besto Lindsay) strut their stuff across a stage and receive tons of accolades for their successes at Beachbody’s annual Summit event. Even if you’re not at that point (though, who wouldn’t want to make that their goal?!), there is not a milestone you reach in your journey that you don’t get credit for. Coaches are fantastic about shouting out your victories, and other group members are there right away when you share good news to virtually pat you on the back. Some coaches even send cards and small gifts to their challengers to remind them of what an incredible thing they’re doing for themselves. Even if you think your success is the smallest thing, you will feel like a million bucks in this community.

  6. You can make an honest living

    Beachbody has allowed countless people to make a living from helping themselves, and other people. So many people that get into Beachbody do it because they are not interested in being a part of the corporate grind, and they want to do something more meaningful with their lives. Beachbody not only gives them the chance to do this, but they also do it ethically. This is a big one for me. There are plenty of ways to make enough money to quit your day job – but this option is not only morally sound, it’s morally AMAZING. This company celebrates the successes of its coaches, and realizes that it wouldn’t be where it is today without their hard work and dedication.

  7. It follows you…anywhere!

    Shaun Week workout from my house in New Zealand

    This may be my favorite reason of all! I was able to subscribe to Beachbody on Demand’s All-Access Pass for one year and access it from my home…in New Zealand! Unfortunately, Beachbody products (Shakeology, the Performance Line, Portion Containers, etc.) can only be shipped to the US, Canada, and now the UK (yay!). But, the workout programs, tips and tricks, and your knowledge of good nutrition can follow you virtually anywhere. You can do the workouts, from 15 minutes to one hour long, in your pajamas first thing in the morning, on the beach in your bathing suit, or in your underwear if you want! Many programs offered are body weight exercises, too – meaning you don’t need anything but your body to do the workout. How is that for convenience?

  8. It doesn’t rely on products

    Don’t get me wrong – you CAN get a line of products from Beachbody, including items from their Performance Line, Shakeology, Portion Containers, Agility Markers, Sand Bags, etc. And because I truly believe in the healthy, nutrient dense and natural properties you can get from a glass of Shakeology, I would recommend it. BUT, that being said, Beachbody’s model relies heavily on you being informed and educated about food and appropriate portion sizes, fitting physical activity into your day and building a community of like-minded individuals who have the same mindset as you. There is no magic pill, no magic drink and no magic wrap that makes you lose the weight – it’s YOU. This way, you have the tools and knowledge to carry this lifestyle change with you, and not rely on a crutch to help you see the results you want. You put the work in, you shift your mindset, you see results. That’s it!

So next time you see me, or anyone else, posting on their social media accounts every day about this rad thing they’ve found that’s changed their life forever…believe them. 

We are not trying to scam you or make money from you; we want you to feel the way we feel after thinking we never could.

Beachbody has the ability to give people a new lease on life – it has fixed marriages, boosted self-esteem, created careers, shifted mindsets and PUSHED so many people beyond what they thought were their limits.

New programs are continuously being release – like the latest, Shift Shop (which I’ve fallen madly in love with). Beachbody is always finding new and amazing super trainers, recruiting new coaches, and reinventing their own wheel. It’s a trustworthy brand with thousands of trustworthy coaches and motivated participants that support it.

If you’re interested in taking the leap, shoot me an email! It’s time we start to LOVE ourselves again!

Light and love,


My name is Chelsea Fredrickson – I am in love with seeing different parts of the world and finding new parts of myself along the way. I am the creator of and author for Freddy Finds Herself; a lifestyle blog dedicated to documenting my adventures, my successes and failures, and showing others that our process of evolving is never complete and meant to be celebrated.

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